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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of paramount importance to To ensure that each of our clients is protected from any breach of information, we have come

up with high secure database practices. The technology we use has been able to provide us with consistent standards of privacy and we aim to keep

ourselves updated on this aspect.

This page defines how we choose to run the website and includes why we collect your information, how we use them and where it does stay. It is important

for every customer to be thorough with our privacy policies to vouch for accountability, trust and credibility.

To be able to make any transaction through us, we require customers to create a personal profile. However, this profile isn’t a public page but is solely used

by us to offer you better and personalized services.

Fare policy requires customer to save their preferable payment information like credit card details, billing address, cardholder name, etc. While, this is

highly sensitive information, it helps our system to keep a track of your bookings, reservations and all kinds of purchases made via Apart

from being a legal requirement, this is only to bring about a more comforting and exciting experience for the client. However, none of this information is shared

with a third party or even our executives.

Refund policy
Air tickets are complete NON-REFUNDABLE. We also provide no refunds for early checkouts. Further, booking done during trade fares aren’t up for refund, in

case you choose to cancel after a re-confirmation. Most of our bookings have a strict cancellation date, prior to which you can seek a refund. However, reserves the right of indemnity against any type of loss caused due to damages.

Cancellation Policy
Customers should understand that our services and fares come highly discounted. However, this also means that the airline will not be able to refund any of

the tickets. All our flight ticket purchases are non-refundable. Further, we allow no name changes. To change tickets, requires you to

approach at least a day before the departure date. We work between 0900 hrs and 2100 hrs barring Saturday and Sunday.

However, refunds are available on all other kinds of booking and the amount depends on the gap between cancellation and date of travel/check-in.

Booking policy
Availability and confirmation of ticket/hotel bookings are subject to confirmation / cancellation by the career / service provider. also isn’t

responsible for any damage or harm does by the airline and should be the sole discretion of the customer. Changes in air fares will automatically change our

prices and we are further guided by government policies.

Howsoever, each one of our customer can be sure that we have been trying to bring the best quality services on all fronts. We understand the need for

confidentiality and you should be able to believe that your information is in good hands. In case of breach 0of information, we are liable to answer.